A Girl’s Essence Girl,

(A Letter)


Thank you for taking time to stop by. We have a new online home. You can read why this happened shortly.

No doubt you have landed here because you were seeking something.

  • If you’re a teacher needing an incredible speaker, please – get in touch.
  • If you’re a teen girl who I’ve worked with, reach out.

For now, peruse this new space. May it become your home base for those moments when you need a pick me up, a big sister, some inspiration or guidance. The same A Girl’s Essence, just a bit more grown up.

So without further ado, I’d like to welcome you to Badass Beings. The place to learn to feel proud of who you are while on your journey to making your mark on this world.

Here’s to new beginnings and adventures!

All my love,
TK xx