Your secret is safe with me.

“In search of a multi-talented copywriter who can not only think (and land!) on their feet and deliver “wow-factor” work”, you say.

But your secret: In search of a geek-in-crime, who will totally nerd-out over the latest digital marketing strategies, even after the laptops have been powered down for the week. (There’s a Sleep mode for a reason… *evil laugh*.)

How obsession this ends: our clients with world Google-domination status.

Which Brings Us To –

I wanted to be first in the door on your resume stack, beating away that Monday-itis with hope of fresh hired help joining the team before Christmas.

So rather than wait for my husky, recovering voice to regain a pleasing quality to re-record a welcome video, please find below evidence that I am obsessed about copywriting, lead gen and the online game.

This page was create on my own website; filmed, videos compressed, uploaded, a simple page design and coded – in less than one day. (I know my WordPress.) It was in response to a recent copywriter position for a travel company.

Find below, 3 ways to:

  • research a business to find their competitions,
  • curate expert positioning by finding what the current market is searching for
  • optimise SEO through curiosity drenched headlines

So without further ado –

. 1 .

How To Uncover Your Competition & Discover How They’re Marketing To Your Audience… In Less Than 3 Minutes

. 2 .

How To Know Exactly What Words & Phrases Your Target Market Is Searching For & Devouring Right Now

If you like what you see, please get in touch.

. 3 .

How To Effortlessly Craft 100+ Curiosity-Drenched Headlines To Inspire Quality Content… In Less Time Than It Takes To Boot Up Your Laptop

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