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Taliah-Kate Byron, Badass Beings, Australia

22nd Septempber, 2017

A Couple of Facts You May Not Know About Me:

1. I’ve never been the person to spot the entire restaurant bill (when they don’t do split bills) or take care of concert tickets (when you have to pay five a pop because you want to sit together and therefore have to buy in the one transaction).

2. This will be my first Christmas since I had my first job where I won’t be blowing my December paychecks on last minute runs to overcrowded shopping centres frantically looking for Christmas presents.

3. This week I hacked another layer of my old “I”m Broke” money programming


It’s September and thanks to Kickstarter, my sister and I have our Dad’s present sorted. Our pledge (to remain a secret in case he stumbles upon this prior to Santa Clause’s delivery) came off my card and my sister agreed to transfer money. She’s always been the better with (saving) money, so I had no worries anticipating her transfer.

What I hadn’t anticipated was the irrational tension waiting for the money. The idea of a deficit, a difference between the money I should have and did have in my account. Stress caused by residue programming of an “I’m broke” mentality.

Going crazy, I unpacked the situation:

When would this situation be ok with me?

Would having more money in my bank lessen the underlining stress I felt?

On a scale of 1 – 10, how stressed would I be then?

The number dropped – significantly. I felt at ease. Having more money created something for me – a buffer. A way to have my own back. Money just sitting, waiting to do its job: buffer against what life may throw.

Question remained:

Could I create the mental illusion of having saved the money that would offer peace of mind, in one paycheck?

(Not to mention, stop forcing undue stress on my relationship with my sister by projecting my sh*t onto her!)

Solution (Mindset Hack): Money Owed To Me (MOTM)

One additional category in my YNAB account. Resting balance: $50-70.

The Long and Short:

When people owe me money (from going out to breaky, left their wallet at home and I spotted them groceries (true story!) or the likes), whichever category I overspent in or ate away the funds of, is replenished with money from MOTM. When the person repays, their money tops up the MOTM category.

Your buffer system may vary. It might be in cash stashed away, it might be just that extra money in your savings account, it might sit at $200.

But its purpose remains the same:

It’s the stand-in while the main money is making its way on over. It’s the backup jerry can of fuel on the road trip in case the empty fuel light blinks unexpectedly.

It’s peace of mind wrapped up in your self-created suspension for the ride called life.

Have you got yours?

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