Where the inner work meets the outer world.

You rebel, YOU.


ou know you’re born for more. More greatness. More adventure. More nights of staying up til 2AM, fuelled by oxygen and inspiration, creating something that matters to you and the world.

Or sleep ins til 10AM on a Monday, because you decide when to start the day.

To say “Yeah…. but no,” to how we’re taught how to “do” life.


You’re different.


The hiphop dancer in the ballet class. The one who’s curious. Who envisions making a mark on this world. To leave your footprint as evidence that you danced.

Pay heed to that calling. It’s what makes you a rebel, a badass – and a human being with a life of meaning.



his is your Home Base.

A place to learn how to get out of your own way. A place to master your internal game and external world. A place to connect with other explorer’s of more.



My name is Taliah-Kate Byron (for an easier mouthful, I’m TK) and yes, that is me allowing my younger sister to shave off my belly-button length locks for Shave For A Cure in 2015.

I’m a 26 year old, Milo-lovin’ Aussie girl who grew up wanting to be a forensic scientist/ psychologist/ detective/ film set camera operator person that, at 17, fell head over heels in love with days of oxytocin (human hugs), white girl dancing to loud music and that feeling you get when you have a purpose to live for.

 Nothing goes by you that isn’t meant for you.


That day in April in 2007, when I was introduced (kicking and screaming, I may add), to my first “personal development” workshop was meant for me. At first I resisted the people dancing on stage, clapping and wanting us to follow their dance moves.

Perhaps you’re skeptical too, to let someone new in – someone you’ve barely met.

But the people there were welcoming, they cared – and their sole purpose was to help me realise how great I could be, and to be there to cheer me on in pursuit of my big goals and dreams.

You have dreams, even goals.

I have a sneaky suspicion you may even believe that you’re here for a reason.

For Now.

While we continue to build the rest of your Badass Beings HQ, wander through our journal pages.

What’s different between the journal entries you find below and those of my ten year old self (yep, I’ve kept a journal since I was 10)?


clear on purpose direction // create mental space // body nourishment // relationships, friendships & hotstuff



We’re creating something for those who are still figuring it out. Think road map to know:

  1. There’s not a thing wrong with you
  2. Really know you. What makes you, you. And no one else.
  3. Set a new and/or more meaningful direction for you life.

Got you curious? Add your deets below to get the road map when she’s born!


The Journal

1. Spirit, Growth & Potential

For times when you doubt you. When you crave a connection to yourself, your intuition, your truth. To know and own your own voice. To express yourself. To become the person you most want to be.

2. Purpose & Direction

For when you’re procrastinating, feeling lost, off track or have no effin’ clue what you’re meant to do in this life.

Today I’m Sharing My Gift. Words To My Inner Perfectionist.

What if pressing upload, send or submit was the new “good enough”.
If getting runs on the board was my new benchmark of “success”.
If being a work in progress was embraced by my inner perfectionist.
If today, I will share my gift.

3. Tame Your Mental Space

Don’t let stress steal peace and sanity from you.

4. Body I Heart

The place to collide with when you need to give your temple some TLC.

4. Lifestyle On Pointé

All things home, fashion, schedule and creating an oasis of a space to be a badass in.

5. Relationships: Hotstuff, Self, Friends & Family

When you want to feel more love for yourself, your hot stuff, friends and family.

6. Money & Finances

Because damn, being money savvy feels good.

For When Anyone Ever Owes You Money

A Couple of Facts You May Not Know About Me:
1. I’ve never been the person to spot the entire restaurant bill (when they don’t do split bills)…

7. Business

The adventures & tips of running a business and being your own badass boss.

8. Travel

To see the world would be an awfully big adventure!