Sick + Tired. Crying. Overwhelmed. How I Told It All To Take A Holiday.

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Taliah-Kate Byron, Badass Beings, Australia

17 April 2016

I looked up, closed my eyes and took a long, slow breath.

And said a silent prayer for help.


hey were close, the tears.

The final straw of a rough day.

I was sick of continuously eating meat in the preparation for my fitness competition.

I was sick of being a perfectionist on my website.

I was sick of being in a creative rut and not being able to effortless write what I needed, of trying to cram too much into a day and being just bang on time for work – and now, I was sick of people at work not pulling their weight.

My head was spinning.

I could barely process what was going on around me as there was so much going on internally.



Wanting to give up.

To throw in the towel. Everything felt like a mess. Tucked away in my bamboo sheets watching The Last Song was looking like my only comfort.

And then I got tired of being sick of it all.

I sport a low tolerance to drama now.

Wasn’t always this way, but now it exhausts me.

Mental tiredness is my red flag. I like doing a lot of things, and those things well.

Otherwise, I get bored.

Drawback is, stress and overwhelm can sneak in if I have too many doors open – and it’s mainly on days like today, overwhelm day – that I glimpse what I’ve created for myself.

People can be quick to prescribe you their stress reliefs.

I’ve dabbled in a few: meditation apps, running, yoga – all except journalling became obsolete.

So I live by these words now:

You are your own guru.

Rather than telling my body, mind and soul what we were going to do to relax and destress, I allowed them to collectively tell me.

That is how this Stress + Overwhelm Took A Holiday came into existence.

A simple system that allows you to communicate with your own inner guru.

Cue: Get on top of whatever is causing you mental turmoil in your life.

Right now.

It doesn’t mean you will never feel stressed or overwhelmed again.

It means that when you S+O creep in and cause drama, and you’ve decided (either quickly, or after a few days) that you’re done with it, you can reach down and pull yourself out.


Stress + Overwhelm Took A Holiday

The System To Beat Overwhelm + Combat Stress

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The Run Down


There are two key concepts to grasp in order to pull yourself out of your paralysed-emotional rut.

1.Emotions are like traffic lights. Learn to notice them.

You’ve know how to read traffic lights from a young age.

Green light means keep doing what you’re doing and cruising along.

An orange light indicates that you’re on the way to a red, so start to slow down. 

Overwhelm, tears, anger, sadness – they are your red stop lights. They aren’t designed to be ignored or pushed through.

When you feel yourself straying away from anything but a green light and flow, take a moment to check into Home Base.

If you’ve found yourself slamming into red lights, well – at least you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading.

2. Things Happen (+ Change) When You Chunk Them Down

Imagine your dream holiday.

Go extravagant.

Where are you? Who do you have around you? What are you wearing? What are you eating? Where are you staying? For how long?

Now, plan that holiday.

Flights. Accommodation. The time off study and/or work. Start saving money. Decide on a budget. Currency exchange. Travel insurance. Travel Companions. What to do. Where to go. What to pack. Go shopping.

Notice what are you inclined to do?

Feels like it’s too much? One for the too hard basket?

Or, do you start to break the tasks down and tackle them one by one?

Life is very much the same.

Life sucks, it’s all too hard  and I can’t do this are all symptoms of looking at too many things at once.


Get your holiday planning glasses on. 

Break the bigger picture down, piece by piece, task by task.


  1. Clarity

How do you most want to feel?

2. Chunk Down

Your brain is like a computer.

It can have multiple processes going at once, with many tabs open. The more tabs open, the more hectic everything becomes.

What are all the tabs you have open that are causing you tension and/or taking up head space?

3. Choose Truth

Often we can trick ourselves into thinking EVERYTHING is going horribly wrong, rather than realising it’s just a handful of things.

Take a moment to honour all of the things that are going well and have green lights in your life.

4. Close Tabs

What would it take to close this tab or have it not be a mental burden anymore? 

5. Check In

Need more joy?

What could you do in one or more of the areas to help you feel how you most want to feel?

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