The One Thing To Absolutely Do Before You Hire Your Next Personal Trainer, Coach Or Mentor

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Taliah-Kate Byron, Badass Beings, Australia
17 May 2016

My phone lit up. I saw the name and felt uneasy. I hadn’t been for a PT session in weeks.

“Hey TK, when do you want to lock in your next session?”

“Ergh. I don’t.” (My immediate thoughts.)

He’s a great guy; knowledgable, kind and has done some amazing work.

But after three months my lifestyle hadn’t changed.

I wasn’t getting results – results being the very reason I hired a PT in the first place.

So I went in search of why.


’ve had my fair share of coaches over the years.

A Quick Time Wharp

Since 5yr Old:

Dancing. Swimming

Since Late Primary School:

Waterpolo-ing. Rowing. Netball. Tutored in advanced maths. Private viola lessons. Speech and drama classes.

Since Late Teens:

Personal trainers. Nutritionist coaches. Life coaches. Speaking coach. Business coaches.

One thing I know – that’s a heck of a lot of money going to people to train, mentor and teach me.

To give me that cutting edge.

To share their insights.

To hold me accountable and to support me in pursuit of goals.

With every teacher, I learn – sometimes, what I don’t want in a teacher. 

What I learnt from the situation with my PT is that:

I hadn’t been clear myself, and then articulated to him on:


My goal (result) for our relationship (PT and client) and my expectations of how to get there


What I needed from him in order to results, based on how I know I work best for change

To limit damage control for my next relationship with a coach, I created a little cheatsheet for you, I and are coaches to complete so we’re on the same page.

Every time.

Coach-Client MiddleMan

Your Relationship’s Telepathic Bridge For Conquerable Results

Get Your Free Cheatsheet

You’re not a cookie cut out of their past clients.
You come packaged up with your own quirks, preferences and internal programs.

Here’s an easy to follow cheatsheet to get you and your coach on the same page kickin’ goals.


  • Why you want to spend a few moments getting mega clear on why you want a coach
  • Why the cheatsheet works so well in combating disappointment and miscommunication
  • How to complete the exercise with terminology explained

Here’s a sneak peak of the MiddleMan Grid in action:

Picking Up What We’re Putting Out?
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