Things I’d Rather Not Live Without (Business Edition)

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Taliah-Kate Byron, Badass Beings, Australia

13th September, 2017

A silver hammer can open an iron gate.

~ Basque Proverb


earest Fellow ‘Preneur,

Please find below a list of all of my godsends to date. Please note, some links are affiliated, where I receive a commission or kickback (here’s to being smart and having many a stream of potential income). May they serve you and your dreams, the way I have counted them among my blessings.

~ tk xx


  • Software to build your website. (Go not You will need to pay and source your own domain name and hosting, but worth it to look like a pro. Most hosting companies have an easy 1 click install.)


  • Siteground Hosting. I’m about to switch from Bluehost because: 1. They bill in AUD$$ and 2. more affordable prices for where I am at currently.


  • DiviWordPress theme/ skin. Patience + online tutorials = boutique website on a budget for those starting out.


  • Mailchimp: Email & Marketing Platform. Easiest free platform to start growing your list and sending out newsletters and/or emails.


  • Calend.lyBooking Software. Go to for booking in meetings, clients or brainstorming session – especially when they’re in a different timezone! (Free plan available.)


  • Alexandra FranzenBlue haired, heart written love notes. My original wordsmith crush. The big sister and friend you never knew you wanted, but wouldn’t go without.


  • Fresh By SianGraphics To Swoon Over. This Kiwi graphics designer is on her own level – and has some business savviness worth reading.


  • Canva: Graphic Design For Newbs. Intimidated by the photoshop learning curve? Start here. Easy to use and heaps of boller templates.


  • ColorzillaColour Code Picker. Found a colour you love but no idea how to replica it? I use this FREE plugin for Chrome all the time. Simply hover and click.


  • WhatFontIdentifies Website Font. Fellow typography lovers can appreciate this FREE Chrome plugin to (usually) discover the name of the fonts used on a website.


  • Unsplash – Premium stock photos. Royalty free, so you don’t have to stress if you forget to credit them. They also have a brilliant plugin for Chrome.

Accepting $$

  • Gumroad: Sell Your Thang. Where I sold my first ebook & meditation. They take a cut but super quick & easy to set up.


  • ClickfunnelsMarket, Sell & Deliver Online. This is the holy grail. When I have my funnels sorted and cash flow coming in, this will be my next planned upgrade. They also have a dynamic Facebook group.


  • Ash Ambirge: Cheeky, badass, your business mother. Anything she creates is literally an investment in your business – or at least I have found.



So there you have it – a few of my most loved tricks that were up my sleeve. Let me know what questions I can answer. Happy creating! ~ xx

Go, make a difference.

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