Today I’m Sharing My Gift. Words To My Inner Perfectionist.

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Taliah-Kate Byron, Badass Beings, Australia

11 May 2016

What if pressing upload, send or submit was the new “good enough”.

If getting runs on the board was my new benchmark of “success”.

If being a work in progress was embraced by my inner perfectionist.

If today, I will share my gift.


woke up and went onto Facebook. A few scrolls down I was confronted by one of my dear friends sharing a memory to a year ago where she spoke at a school. A harmless post, except I say confronted because it brought up all my inner talk of why I hadn’t “made it yet”.

My friend had put herself out there though. She had made the calls to schools, she had networked, she had started blogging – she had runs on the board.

My runs were all on rerun in my perfectionist head – forever being tweaked, forever being held back from the world.

Then, somewhere from inside, these words spoke through:

Today I will share my gift.

This post is that gift. A declaration to myself and to my inner perfectionist that enough is enough.

Submit is good enough.

My voice is good enough.

My work is good enough – good enough to make an impact.

To help at least a few people. And that’s what I’m doing it for, right?

There’s only so long that you step up to the plate with your bow and arrow, place the arrow and draw it back – lining up the shot, critiquing the angle but never actually firing.

I’m ready to let it fire, to see where and how it lands and adjust course, only then.

If you’ve been holding back your gifts from the world and are damn tired of it, walk arm in arm with me.

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