Two Questions That Got Me Through Moving House (+ Dealing With A Cancelled Moving Truck, A Dead Cane Toad & Artificially Intelligent Appliances)

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Dead cane toad under the clothes line. Moving truck cancelled. An oven I’m convinced was designed by artificial intelligence (seriously, over six of us have inspected and dabbled in pressing buttons. All rendered stumped and defeated.)

Two hundred and thirty-three kilometres to retrieve a beloved queen mattress, twenty-four hours to have my life packed up and relocated on two hours notice.

Not exactly a recipe for peace and sanity. Yet strangely, it was.

There’s a certain stigma to moving. Strenuous, drawn out, painful and all out avoid where possible. Last month’s move took me completely by surprise – because it became the opposite of those things, the moment I flicked a switch.

Originally, this post was titled: “5 Things To Do To Rapidly Settle In To A New Home”. After digging a little deeper, I realised publishing it would override a fundamental belief of mine – you are your own guru. So instead of solely just what worked for me, I unpacked the following for you:

Your ABC Recipe To Move With Ease

Side Effects: Less Drama + Embracing Change With Less Resistance

A. Activate Moving Mindset

Your experience is determined by how you process it. Cue: minor adjustments to your thinking.

B. Be Gone With The Ol'

Specific clearings to shed old baggage and beliefs you have accumulated about “moving” you may not even know you had.

C. Choose To Follow The Light

4 simple steps to take you from freaking out to feeling calm, at any point in your move.


I can almost guarantee things won’t go to plan. These hiccups are you chance to get creative, to explore alternate ways for things to work out.

I had to completed rearrange my hire truck arrangements at the last minute, which threw me completely into victim-life-sucks-story-on-repeat-mode. Thankfully my mum asked me this bad boy:

What is right about this I’m not getting?

Questions open up new possibilities. I stuck my head meer-cat style out of the pity pit I’d bomb dived into, and realised there was countless ways for me to make this move work. Instead of dragging it out over two weekends, I smashed it out within twenty-four hours – all because my original plan went south.

Things going awol? Stay in the question and solutions will come. 

Ingredient B: Be Gone With The Ol’

Having moved over ten times in my life, I’ve accumulated impressions of what I thought moving had to be like (read: every synonym for stressful and exhausting). I ran these clearings on myself and it loosened a lot of tension in my body around the thought of moving.

Because I uncreated some opinions of moving, I had more room to create a different experience of moving. Result: more playful, more creative and productive and definitely increased patience!

These clearings are best done with a prior understanding of Access Consciousness and the Clearing Statement (click on the links to find out more). If you would like the 3 clearing statements I used for my move, simply email me at requesting The Moving Clearing Statements. 

Ingredient C: Choose To Follow The Light

This is a quick 4 step system for you to feel light (aka not stressed, worried or exhausted) when moving. Tap into this whenever you are feeling less than desirable.

1. Awareness

Become aware that you’re not feeling how you wish to feel. More than likely, this has been triggered by a stimulus.

2. Tune In

Take a moment to tune in to what light feels like for you. This is your compass, your True North. Whatever option feels light to you, follow that. This is how you become your own guru.

3. Ask Questions

There are two golden questions I used during my move.

  1. What is right about this I’m not getting? (Shifts thinking.)
  2. Given my current situation, what can I do to feel light? (Sparks a new action.)

4. Follow Through

Whatever answer came to you from the questions in Step 3, follow through with those. #nopointinaskingotherwise

Here is how following this 4 step process unfolded for me:

Stimulus: Find a new house to rent.

True North: Shift thinking.

How did I want to feel in my new home? Spacious.

Our home found us. Five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a huge yard and everyone has their own space – it had waited on the market for three months for us. If ever I had a moment of love at first sight, it was when I walked in and saw the huge open kitchen and dining space.

Stimulus: Settling in.

True North: Shift thinking + New action.

I was craving a sense of grounding and space. I asked the question:

Given my current situation, what can I do to feel this way?

These things followed in response:

  • Rescheduled and blocked out my social calendar for a week. This gave me time to be in my new place and for it and I to get to know each other’s rhythms (and this house does have rhythms – especially when you live in a  neighbourhood of dogs!).
  • Splurged on candles and had a candlelit bath.
  • Unpacked all of my things and gave them a new home (thank you Marie Kondo for forever changing the way I live)

Stimulus: Moving truck cancelled.

True North: Shift thinking + New action.

Originally my new roomies and I were to split the cost of a hire truck, but pulled out last minute. Mumma Bear snapped me out of my money pity pit with –

What’s right about this I’m not getting?

Suddenly, moving in that day (rather than a week from then) felt super light – and would never had occurred to me had I not asked the question. A truck was booked and troops were rallied(aka ever patient family and boyfriend) for the spontaneous move.

Stimulus: Dead cane toads + artificial intelligence (ok, Italian) ovens

True North: Shift thinking

My own inability to interpret an Italian oven was making me question my intelligence. The dead cane toad on the stones in the backyard – gross! Then I realised these were all just quirks of my new home. I could choose to hate on them, sure. Easy, infact.

But it felt so much lighter to laugh about them and embrace them as a story of change and moving in.

So, ball in is your court. If you want to be that girl who does things differently, to appreciate and roll with the experience of moving rather than want to tear your eyes out, I invite you to own this ABC Recipe for Moving as yours. 

Happy Moving! ~ xx

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