Two Ways To Have More Outfits Without Buying More Clothes

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Taliah-Kate Byron, Badass Beings, Australia

7th February, 2017

My teenage self has dressed my twenty-something body for too long. 

Mirroring the exact looks from Pinterest, without the expensive American labels. 


eing a manger more frequently meant more “corporate” and work like outfits I had to concoct. Except every morning I put on the top and skirt/pant combo, my soul was being driven out of my cookie-cutter reflection.

Hilary Rushford’s Style and Styleabtlity class could not have come with more a relief. (For anyone who finally wants to feel chic and stylish in their current wardrobe, her class is worth its weight in all Kim Kardashian’s stolen goods.)

We get dressed every single day.

According to an age-old mentality of ever be adding to our wardrobe, rather than changing it up. 

If you’re feeling a carbon copy each day, you likely don’t need new clothes.

You just need a new way of collaborating with what you already have.

Outfit combos that will rival Johnny Depp’s eclectic IMDB profile. Without spending an additional dollar.

Here’s to being disrupted for the better.

To having the confidence to mix and marry items that you hardly touch, but don’t want to get rid of. To having how you dress fundamentally changed – for the better.


#1: The Ribbon (Or Scarf In My Case)

A week with one old pink scarf tied to my wardrobe did more to my relationship with my wardrobe and pennies in my pocket than a lifetime subscription to Vogue. 

Only Two Guidelines: 

 1. You can only wear items from in front of the ribbon.

 2. Once you have worn it, it must go behind the ribbon and not be worn until all items in front of the ribbon have been worn.

Simple. Too simple, my skeptical self thought. But it’s been nearly three weeks and I am yet to wear the same outfit twice – and having more than double the fun preparing my clothes the night before.

Prepare the night before.

I would not advise doing this the day of dressing, when you typically allowed maybe a few minutes to dress and get out the door. Creativity performs wonders when it has time to kick back and experiment. To play. Become acquainted with the many variations waiting to be unclothed.

#2: 3 Ways

This one is best for a weekend, when you have a couple of free hours where you want to procrastinate cleaning without the guilt. #yourewelcome 😛

Result: The realisation that you have more outfits than you think you do.

Take any piece of clothing and find three ways to wear it beyond how you organically would.

If you’re feeling more stuck than Grade 2 stuck in the mud, here’s my trick:

1. Wear it how it is intended, but with a different combination.

Say I was 3 waying a business top. I bought it for it’s intended purposes of a business top. Find another way to wear it so it still fulfilled it’s purpose of an outfit I would wear for work and/or business.

2. Wear the opposite of how it was intended.

Take same business top, and now find a way to make it more casual. Smart casual – sure. But pair it so the outfit speaks casual.

3. Change shoes.

Put the item on, than put on shoes that you would not normally wear with it (e.g. heels, boots, flats etc). Now go cray pairing so the outfit feels intentional (aka not clothes slapped on).

You may never wear these combos. You may. I made a rule with myself that I would keep workshopping an article of clothing until I came up with at least 2 different way of wearing it that I actually loved.

The result: I was excited to have this piece of clothing in my wardrobe.

Bonus Tip:

When you find combos you love, take a picture.

Keep a running inventory of looks you love, so when you do have to whip up something last minute and you’re creative juices aren’t firing, you have your own back.

So there are just two tips that have completely revolutionised (for life! I daresay) the way I collaborate with my wardrobe.

To feel more free. Creative.

Like me. Every day.

Hilary has tonnes more tips that you’ll just have to become a fellow Dean Street Society Betty to discover.

In the meantime, if you totally realise your style is one area of your life you want to upgrade this year, along with giving these two disruptors a chance, head over to Hilary Rushford’s insta and check her out. 

She teaches you HOW to dress, not just to buy labels. 

In fact, she’s not even about the labels, but about experimenting with your own style.

Could not recommend her enough. 😃 

Here’s to being the girl who is resourceful.

Who makes the most of everything.

Who is her own saviour. The writer of her life.

Disclaimer: Currently not an affiliate but sure as would like to be next time round, given my raving fan status.

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