Oh hello,

Anita of Wordfetti!

Life’s too short for cliche experiences, so let’s hop to it –

I would bend over backwards to be your next write-wing woman (yep, you saw what happened there…).

So to help you in the right direction of placing my application in the short-listed pile, here’s 3 ways I’ve hacked the traditional copywriter role: 

  • I’m the lovechild of a background in the science of how people think (NLP) meets the desire to help people do what they came here on this planet to do. This means I give a sh!t about the people I write for. I want their doors to stay open so they can keep changing the world.

  • I’ve had an eye for detail since 15 when I won an editing scholarship – but my forte comes from non-negotiably knowing the big picture. This means my work begins with the strategy and ends with a customer experience that helps bring in the dollars.

  • I’m an almost-perfectionist with a thirst to learnThis means I take ownership of a client’s words as if they were my own, and do + learn everything in my power to deliver a world-class handover.

 But, allow me to show, not tell – and let my words speak for themselves… 

Words That Have Escaped My Mind

(Aka: A Selected Portfolio)

I’d love to help make your clients’

words look good, too.