Hey there!

Over the next few months, Maggie (get to know her below) will be hosting some workshops that will help you to create more engaging visual content.

Putting off recording your course content because you want your slides to look good… but you also aren’t a graphic designer?

Join me as I pick Maggie’s brains on how to turn text that I want to teach into a stunning slide deck I can’t wait to show off!

And the best bit?

She’s teaching us on the free platform, Canva!

Get to know Mags:

Maggie is a digital marketing strategist and online course instructor with over 15,000 students worldwide.

She has spent years perfecting her presentation style to make sure her students are educated, engaged and entertained throughout her courses.

And now it’s time for her to share all of her nerdy knowledge with you in this live workshop!

Book in below: