Oh hello,

Badass One!

You have a genius to offer the world.

But… you’re overwhelmed, burnt out and second guessing every single freaking thing.

I see you. I help incredible women launch their next course or signature coaching program in less than 10 weeks.


If you’re tired of letting your ideas,

your purpose and your life take a backseat to

doubt + overwhelm…

Scroll a little with me.


I’m not your traditional “business coach”.

  • I’m the lovechild of a background in the science of how people think (NLP) & conversion copywriting meets the desire to help people do what they came here on this planet to do. This means I give a sh!t about the people I work with. I want their doors to stay open so they can keep changing the world.

  • I’ve had an eye for detail since 15 when I won an editing scholarship – but my forte comes from non-negotiably knowing the big picture. This means my work begins with the strategy and ends with a customer experience that is loved up AND brings in the dollars.

  • I’m an almost-perfectionist with a thirst to learnThis means I fall in love with your life’s work as if it were my own, and I’ll do + learn everything in my power to help you deliver a world-class program. 

Read enough to know you want to explore more?

Book your Offer Launch Strategy Session now and let’s get serious about you living the life you put here to live!

But allow my words to speak for themselves.

Words That Have Escaped My Mind

(Aka: A Selected Portfolio)

** Including work completed through my copywriting role at a digital marketing agency. **

I’d love to help make your

words look good, too.

Prefer email? You can reach me at tk@badassbeings.com